CirculosopherWelcome to my blog "The Circulosopher". As Circulosopher I think, write and speak about the company of the future.

The company of the future will be a totally different company than the companies we know today. Altough, they still will make profit, their primary goal will be to contribute to society. Therefore they will have to become sustainable and circular. Since circularity and sustainability are rather vague terms and we don't know how companies can 'become' sustainable and circular, a lot of thinking and constructing has to be done. This is the field that I call Circulosophy.


Due to environmental, social and economic challenges the role of companies is changing. Instead of making profit at the cost of society companies will have to make profit at the benefit of society. This is a whole new paradigm in business and economics.

Part of this massive shift in the thinking about companies, is the transformation towards a circular and sustainable economy. Companies that want to be relevant in this economy need to transform into a multi-purpose company. A multi-purpose company encompasses circular and sustainable objectives.

Even though the company of the future has some direction and contours, there is still a lot of thinking and constructing to do before we fully understand how it will look like. As a Circulosopher I contribute to this challenge.

If you want to see more of the contours of the company of the future you can read these articles:

Please reach out to me if you want to discuss further on this topic and the relevance and meaning for you.

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Sustainable Transformers

I am also one of the founders and Chief Constructor of the Sustainable Transformers. The Sustainable Transfomers assist organizations in incorporating circular and sustainable strategies in their DNA. We are building the company of the future.

We do this by setting long term goals aligned with EU-regulations and the consequent criteria for financial transparency. In co-creation, we develop and implement the necessary changes to the strategy, ecosystem, products, processes, services and people’s behaviour. We understand the complexity, context and connections between and within sustainability and circularity. To support your transition we developed a model that makes it possible to take small steps towards an audacious goal.

In combining analysis with a hands-on approach you become independent in the journey towards enduring sustainable outcomes.

You can read more on our work on the website of the Sustainable Transformers.

Sustainable Transformers

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