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Tech for Good - Just connecting the dots

Can tech for good be good for you? Let's find out:

  • Are you wondering if technology can drive your business?
  • Are you interested in sustainable solutions?
  • Do you want to stay profitable in a changing world?

We might have a solution for you…

The building blocks for SME's

Technology, Sustainability and Profitability

Tech for Good solutions

One of the more challenging aspects of doing business is to connect your company or SME to the bigger picture. Especially now that the bigger picture is changing fast.

“How can you stay relevant and competitive in a rapid changing environment?”

We have an answer to that question. Take two of the most disruptive powers in the world right now, Technology and Sustainability, and combine that with Profitability. By connecting these three dots, you can create good solutions with your company (see picture, click for enlargement).


Make it work for yourself and others

We work on Good Solutions by using technology as a tool, to make sustainability possible, under the condition that the company makes a healthy profit. Ok, but what is a good solution? A Good Solution (see picture, click for enlargement):

  • Solves a problem;
  • Fulfils a need;
  • Adds value;
  • Is wise; and
  • Contributes to society.

This leads to three beneficiaries:

  • Your business;
  • The customer (user); and
  • The society.

What is a good solution?


We can make a difference

Tech for good solutions - SustainabilityThe power of technology is enormous and it is truly a disruptive force. Therefore, we strongly believe that technology should be used wisely, responsibly and for good things, like sustainability. Combined, Technology and Sustainability form a disruptive power as never seen before.

In that way, technology is a tool to add value to people. Only then we can create solutions for the problems we face, like free and affordable access to resources, climate change, pollution and social inequalities and exploitation. That’s why we use tech for good.


"Do you use technology to create solutions for problems or

do you use technology to create new problems with your solutions?"


Six times added value

Tech for good - gains and prevents

At the end of the day business is about adding value. When using tech for good solutions you can add value in financial and sustainable terms (see triple helix). At the same time this added value comes in two forms:

  1. 'Gains' and
  2. 'Prevents'.

When using tech for good solutions you are able to gain profit, reliability and a contribution to society. At the other side you are able to prevent costs, risks and negative effects to people and the planet.

Tech for good is the ultimate way to be good for yourself, other people, the planet and the world of tomorrow.


In co-creation we can achieve more

Connecting the dots

Our help is aimed at initializing, developing and delivering good solutions in close cooperation with you. Together we can connect the right dots from start to finish, from observation to delivery. We can help you with (see picture, click for enlargement):

  • Assessing your observation;
  • Analysis of the situation;
  • Solution building; and
  • Project Delivery.

In co-creation we can make your business better, your customers happy and the people and the world around you sustainable.


"We use tech for good solutions. What are you going to do?"

So, can you use some help to realise your good solution? Contact us for more information.